Find Your Reason To Be

downloadIn life we all have a time when we forget why we are doing certain things, we forget the reasons we initially believed in ourselves and how we ever managed to walk through all the hurdles in life.

However, we cannot just sit back and drown into the melancholy of life, it is necessary to realize that our efforts must not go in vain, we must at all times keep walking forward and just look back to realize how far we have come.

Here are three ways that will help you regain your inner strength:

1. Meditative Strategies:

8622087992_7000cd53e7_bOkay, so firstly, we need to reconnect with ourselves when we feel lost and confused. It is the simplest pathway to rediscovering yourself. I don’t just mean to meditate although that might work for some of you, I mean do something that takes you away from the outer world and helps you stay focused on a particular task. Things like these really help clear the mind, the best one is GETTING CRAFTY! Do some DIY’s take your time, and feel engaged. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to take a day off and just get our creative side back on, it is a reminder of what we are, it helps represent us and definitely gives us time to reflect upon our life and ideas and goals.

2. Write what you feel

8333335086_bd01585355_bIf you feel uncomfortable in your own thoughts and if there is too much going on in the mind, the best of first steps (or second) is to write things down. You need to take a notebook and dedicate it to your frustrations or just plainly your thoughts. Make a version of yourself that questions where you stand right now, what you currently feel and why you feel that way. Take a while to go through it. And afterwards write down if you have ever felt like that before, how you overcame it, what needs to change. Just remember, once it’s on paper it is more “real” and you will be able to have a clearer look at things.

3. Take Action:

6051955099_cd68de0b0aAfter spending a day meditating (crafting) and writing what you feel down, or maybe binge watching the YouTube of some inspiration speakers, you now need to work on all you have come to realize! You need to use the pain and struggle to push you forward and help you work towards creating yourself. It is never easy to pull ourselves up, but there is no better time to do it than now! The more you wait, the lazier you get and the harder it will become to change things.

Remember: If you don’t like your current state of being, your lifestyle, your friend group, etc. The option YOU have is to change it, don’t live in misery because of fright, better things come to those who work for it.

We are all QUEENS! (And kings!) Let’s own all we do, and live life in a better way.


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