Why Gossip Girl Is The Best Show Ever

Gossip_girl_titlecard.svgI know you hear people telling you that you need to grow up and stop watching shows that make no sense. But, I disagree. I think shows help us grow up in different ways and Gossip Girl has sure helped me endlessly.

The thing is, people believe that Gossip Girl is one of the most unrealistic TV Shows, however, that is not true. Having lived a life very much like that of the characters of Gossip Girl, I know that not everything is fake just because they are rich- REALITY SPLASH! Literally so many people are rich now, especially in NYC.

Before I start listing my reasons for obsession you must know that I have watched Gossip Girl more than 6 times, I literally know the show inside-out, and have read basically every article on the internet about it. I have watched all the interviews and followed the lives of all the stars. The only thing I think was unrealistic about Gossip Girl was the whole Bart Bass thing (But hey it made the ending so great) and the Charlie/Ivy thing (The drama was amazing, and I really liked both of them as characters).

Nowwww! Drumrollsss! The reasons why Gossip Girl is SOOOO Real and the best TV show out there:

1) Blair- Okay honestly, Blair is my muse, I have been inspired by her for a lot of years


now and she has been my push through the hard times. Whenever I need inspiration, she is there to give it to me. The idea that she doesn’t get into Yale and stuff is also pretty normal, Yale is a highly selective university when Blair gets detention all her chances to be at Yale diminish because Nelly Yuki did not have detention but perfect grades and the perfect extra curriculum. Anyway, continuing, Blair being rich never effected her hard work and effort to get what she wanted, she always thrived for the best. Another thing, the reason she lives in the dorms at NYU is because she wants to make new connections and find the people to “reign” on. Blair is the epitome of achievement. Throughout all the seasons she makes us believe in never giving up on anything- your dreams, your career, your friends and your true love! There is no better character than her on TV, so thank you Leighton Meester.

2) The Basses- I would have just mentioned Chuck but I am undeniably a lover of Jack Bass, I think his recurrence on the show is extremely funny and his hate-love download (2)relationship is a demonstration of most real life rich families (Trust me I have seen people want to bring each other down due to money). But at the same time, Jack is always there for Chuck in his really crooked way (He makes the wedding happen. Like kuddos). Okay, now to the man of our dreams- Chuck Bass is literally the best male figure on Television. People mention how it’s unrealistic he doesn’t go to college, actually- it is very realistic. He has to take care of his father’s business, he has to build a name for himself and he has a lot of money. We see him struggling through business decisions and making immature choices but over time he becomes a better businessman. He didn’t need to go to university, and neither did he have the chance to (I know people from business families who don’t go to university in order to help out with business, it’s actually quite normal nowadays). Chuck Bass is the epitome of style and love, and although him and Blair are a crazy couple they both agree to it, true love is portrayed by people who go through things together and we watch these two do it since high school. Also, no matter if they are in way they are literally always there for each other. I love this character so much I hope I find my own Chuck Bass someday.

3) Serena Van Der Woodsen- I will agree, I loved Serena so much initially but it certainly went down as I grew up. But there is honestly nothing unrealistic about her. She is drop-dead gorgeous. Literally. And people who say you can’t go out to events every week reallydownload (1) need to up their social life. The thing is, if a normal high school student has parties every weekend- these are top-notch, super rich family kids. Also, cotillion/ debutante ball is a real thing! And if that is real I assume so are the pretty parties and fashion shows. Serena is gorgeous and although things come easy to her, one thing I love is that at least she tries to work hard. Plus as the show progresses you can see how much she dislikes things just coming into place. When I read people say it’s unrealistic she went to an ivy? Like really? She is a socialite, she has been on the papers, she interns for some great people even if on short term, she knows people like Anna Wintour. OF COURSE she would end up in an Ivy League, they would kill to have someone who can keep them on the papers. So stop hating on this gorgeous girl! Plus her style and the way she loves Dan is just so perfect.

4) Daniel Humphrey- CAN WE JUST? Okay, people who think it was not real the whole Dan being Gossip Girl thing, you just watched the show once you are not allowed to give your opinion. After watching the show as many times as I did, you see all the little Penn_Badgley_TIFF_2010glimpses that portray that DAN IS GOSSIP GIRL! It is honestly so clear. He is a writer, he is obsessive with Serena as we see from day 1, he is literally always on his laptop and he really wants to be in. Why would someone write badly about his own sister and the girl he loves and himself? “You are no one until you are talked about” The thing is, Dan makes Serena’s career- it’s thanks to gossip girl that she constantly pushes herself to do better. His sister WANTED to leave Brooklyn and he helped her by shaming her, which was kinda the only way to do it. Moreover, Dan always tells people to ask Gossip Girl for help, and when he writes his book he posts a lot more on himself (Way to go on the promotion strategy). Trust me, after the third watch you can see Dan is Gossip Girl! Give it time. Also, him and Blair made sense- over the seasons they are seen bonding and being there for each other although they claim to have mutual hate, but their connection is very visible throughout the seasons. It was just a confused friendship-relationship and definitely off limits on Blair’s part, but they recognize it and move on. Plus it’s not like Serena hadn’t done something off limits- Reminder- Nate!

5) Jenny Humphrey- They shoot Humphreys don’t they? Haha, I loved the movie- inspired episode titles, it was so creative on the part of the show-makers. Anyway, let us get started with the one character I hated yet loved. Jenny was inspiring, she was a pain in this ass, but she was inspiring. She went head-to-head with Blair Waldorf, she had the hottest debutante escort, she has sex with Chuck Bass (Like wow the guts) and she manages to get a fashion career. Okay, so people who think her career is fake. 15253998481_06a63fc493_bShe goes through home schooling- I am sure, SURE, that even if Eleanor knew that the whole internship pass was fake she would not mention it, I mean Jenny was doing wonders for her and she is a businesswoman, News splash people- SHE DOESN’T CARE! Anyway, you see Jenny going from sewing to perfect dresses, but throughout the show she is seen with her gorgeous designs, sure sabotaging an event might not have been easy but she literally knew the guest of owner personally. And her collection was fire, I still take inspiration from her clothing- it’s chic and very sexy. You go girl! I am so glad she is seen working for Waldorf in the last episode- If you don’t know this go watch the show again. But yea, Jenny was perfect in what she did, and she showed that if you work for it you will get it- obviously her mentor was the one and only Blair Waldorf.

6) Nathaniel Archibald- Finally, who can miss out on the golden boy? Nate has been my crush for years, he is the hottest and cutest man in not only the Upper East Side but the world, like with those eyes and that hair and that personality you ought to get laid with anyone. Anyway, a lot of people mention how Nate’s character is too “unrealistic” ah this word is so funny, isn’t it? Well- so is that statement. download (3)Nate is a very genuine character, he falls in and out of love, has sex for money when his parents have none, he is seen constantly visiting his dad in jail and trying to keep up with his relationship with his grandfather. His family like any other in Gossip Girl is a big fat mess, but again- Money families usually are especially when the “heir” in this case the Captain, is in trouble- It’s a way of making more money and more place for oneself, and although not everyone is like that, the majority of human kind is selfish. The reason why Nate’s character is okay is because he has been shown throughout seasons 1 and 2 that he has no idea what to do with his life, but then as he works for Spectator he understands that that is what he wants, he works endlessly on the paper and OF COURSE he would become the head which part of William Van Der Bilt owns the thing do people forget? His grandfather owns Spectator and gives the responsibility to Nate, we see him going through ups and downs in the paper since he is new to the whole “taking over” thing. Like literally Nate’s story might be one of the realest one.

I know this is all for today, but honestly there are so many more pointers. I know this seemed more of a Gossip Girl is real thing but that comes hand-in-hand to why it is the best show ever. It is the show that teaches you about high school, drama, family, friendship, love, hope and career. If you need a sparkle of motivation in your life watch the show- don’t envy the characters and their life, make it your goal for your life to be like theirs, see within their personalities. You are sure to find the motivation you  need.

For now I am ending this article, thank you Gossip Girl for shaping my life.

Blair Waldorf- Thanks for being the real queen and reminding us that “You have to be cold to be Queen” I will remember that forever.

– XoXo Gossip Girl.

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