Make Up- Our Choice!


Okay, how many of you girls have heard people say “You look better without makeup” or “Why do you put on so much makeup?” OMG The amount of times I have heard these things aches me. Like I don’t know what people don’t understand, make up is great, it literally is- it makes me feel beautiful and healthy and fabulous and that I can be whoever I want to be- Because make up is art and it can really transform you.

The reasons I use makeup:

1) I look HOT as fuck! I don’t care what you say and if you do it to seem nice, or if my contouring is not on point one day. But do not give me the “You look better without make up” thing. Like you haven’t seen me without make up. I work 18 hours a day, my body is usually in pain and my eyes are usually puffy. So err I need that eye cream, and liner and everything else to make me look alive and hot at the same time.

2) It gives me confidence. Honestly, I don’t think I step out of the house without putting on eyeliner and lip gloss. It’s just a must, something I am so used to that I don’t think I even consider it make up anymore. I feel confident with make up on, it makes me happy, I feel like I look good, and if I can ace that winged eye liner in less than 5 minutes- bitch I can do anything.

3) It helps shape personality. Girls, we all need days we don’t want to be ourselves, we want to have fun, be a different person and just be in a fantasy while constantly entangled in reality. It’s fine. It’s normal. Make up takes us to that fantasy realm, I can change my look to that of Tinker bells or even Elizabeth Taylors. I can be a goth queen or a drag queen. I honestly can wear shiny lip gloss and look like I am off to slay and have sex or wear matte and go to a job interview because I am so professional. Make up literally makes us feel different, many times it makes us happier. And what else do we need other than happiness.

I am just gonna keep it to that for now. It’s not really a rant, more of just an explanation to why we have makeup on and why you should stop judging us for it. Anyway, it’s not like it isn’t societies fault we depend on makeup to look pretty sometimes, you basically told us we ugly without it. But hey, you know we really don’t care. As girl with confident, I will look good when I want with or without makeup- but if something gives me an esteem boost like a “I love your eyeliner” like hell yea I will spend time on it. I just hope my girls can relate to this. Don’t be afraid to do YOU! You can wear whatever you want or not wear it. It doesn’t matter, they gon’ judge us anyway.

We are all queens. With makeup or without it. We rule. We slay. We gorgeous!

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