Hello Beautiful Ones!

This is a short introduction to the world you are about to enter. She The Queen, is a platform to talk about what hasn’t been spoken of, it is to discuss female issues, the liking of shows, and mainly the empowerment of all our beautiful women.

Here I want to make a home for you, I want to be your older sister and teach you things you can’t learn. I want to remind you of the journey of being a woman! There will be a lot of discussed topics on this site and a weekly magazine will be launched on issuu.

The aim of SheTheQueen is to reach out to those people who are too afraid to ask a few questions, they this they won’t be able to find answers- well, we have here your guide to all things quirky.

Finally, there is a little addition to this website- BOOK CONSOLOGY! The idea is simple, I believe in the power of a good book, so you are going to tell me YOUR problems and I will recommend you a book that will change your life.

Enjoy your journey!


-XoXo TheQueen